Our agile approach allows you to adapt to organizational and structural changes to best serve your end users.

At maltem canada, agility is first and foremost a state of mind in which we believe. This methodological approach allows all of our expertise (agile, UX, Dev, Cyber) to build the future of our clients.

We tailor agility to your business needs:

  • SCRUM,
  • Kanban,
  • Management 3.0,
  • SAFE.

To help you innovate efficiently thanks to methodologies adapted to your needs


Our agile coaches and product coaches intervene on your premises to identify and help you implement improvement areas:
– organization,
– operational and methodological,
– in your product management practices and strategies.

Agile Squad Audit

We propose to perform a quick audit (in 1 or 2 sprints, equivalent to 1 month) and 360° of an agile team.

This short audit allows already experienced teams to aim for excellence and to quickly undertake improvement actions.

45′ discovery

Our experts intervene via short capsules (45 minutes) on an agile topic that interests you.

Our capsules are aimed at all your employees, whatever their level of maturity, through a short, punchy and interactive format.

Our themes are varied and the design can be made to measure. Sample topic: what are the best practices to maximize the value of agile rituals, what are the pitfalls to avoid?


They are part of the team

We are convinced that agility is above all a state of mind, a conviction that we apply every day. Our experts are therefore recruited not only on their technical skills but also thanks to their diverse experience and multicultural background.
Our Agile Squad is made up of passionate people who are committed to helping you innovate.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Product Owner
Product Owner

Agile coach

Jean-François MONETTE
Business Analyst

Kiem-Y LAM
Lead PO / Coach Produit

Morgane MOLLE
Product Owner / Scrum Master
Functional Analyst

Our expertise allows us to come together and share our knowledge, but also to make us shine externally. For me, it is above all a varied and diversified group of talents that contribute to the excellence of maltem canada. I am proud to work with all these talented individuals. Bonus: it’s super fun!

Caroline De Franciosi, Scrum Master


Our team is here to answer your questions. Let’s talk about it!