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Maltem Canada

A consulting firm in digital transformation, a trusted partner, resolutely different by its corporate culture and its eco-responsible involvement.

We are committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses as well as large North American groups in their digital transformation. Our employees are experts, committed, always at the forefront of their fields of expertise and involved in social and environmental causes! Innovation is our approach, performance is our promise.

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Do you have a need? We have a team of qualified experts who will accompany you and easily adapt to your corporate culture. We offer services articulated around five areas of expertise. You can browse them below:




Agile companies welcome unexpected changes in their environment as opportunities because they have the ability to adapt their roadmap and organization quickly while ensuring strategic, operational and human continuity. Our scrum masters, product owners, coaches or business analysts will help you make this shift, whatever your background, maturity level or ambitions.




Today, every company needs to define a digital defense and resilience strategy. We help you demystify security by offering customized services (including training and awareness) that will allow your organization to be protected in case of an attack



Customer Experience

Customer experience is the key to a successful digital transformation. Our experts will help you design desirable products or services with high added value. They are involved throughout their lifecycle: from the definition of the service (CX) and scientific research, during user analysis and their needs (UX), and up to the creation of the design system and software specifications (UI).




Development technologies are evolving rapidly. Companies must adopt them to avoid losing competitiveness while being able to maintain and migrate their historical systems. Integrated into your teams, our front-end, back-end, full-stack or devops developers are able to deliver quality, maintainable code while respecting your constraints and deadlines. They know how to advise you on the best approaches to adopt whatever your technological environment.




Data management has become a major competitive issue today. Faced with the exponential increase in the volume of data and the multiplication of regulatory constraints, our data engineers and data analysts have the necessary expertise to help you: choose and deploy the best analysis tools, transform your data to reduce their cost, make them available quickly and analyze them to secure your operational and strategic decision-making
Welcome to the

Maltem life

Proud to be part of the Maltem adventure

It is important to us that the Maltemians feel in an environment that is conducive to sharing, respect, listening and welcoming.

Our “fun and serious” mindset leads us to create convivial moments to create memories such as “Questions for a Maltese”, 5@7, team building… The ease of access to management, the regular meetings with one’s manager and one’s account manager, make everyone feel supported in their daily life and their career objectives.

We make every effort to bring people together around common passions and the desire to share through Beer and Learn and the co-creation of internal projects. But also around our value of commitment thanks to Mooove.

For the second year in a row,

We have been voted the best place to work in 2021.

Our actions with

A Mooove is enough to make a difference

Since the beginning of our adventure, the social and environmental impact has always been at the center of our concerns. Thanks to the MOOOVE corporate movement, Maltem Canada is an ethical and eco-responsible company following the sustainable development path initiative.

The MOOOVE brings Maltese and our customers to mobilize around the digital ecology.
Because today, it is the duty of companies to get involved and participate in the collective effort, joining Maltem is also joining the MOOOVE!

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