Our community is working to put in place the most effective tools for data exploitation. Our data team supports you in the creation and implementation of your data strategy, based above all on a desire to quickly deliver value-added tools. Our job is to allow you to collect and value your data.

We have a tailor-made approach to data. Our team of data consultants work with the most sophisticated clients to develop and implement end-to-end data asset management solutions.

Help you to exploit the relevant data to be integrated into your projects.

Governance and Strategy

Setting up organizations and procedures for data management and use. Definition of data management procedures. Accompaniment in the realization of the roadmaps. Implementation of Big Data Cloud and On Premise architectures.

Sources and APIs

Data quality and Lineage, development of APIs for the management of different data sources, collection and management pipeline, qualification of source data and SPOT.


Data Pipeline Development, Data Transformation, Science and Engineering, Data Architecture Improvement.

Storage and optimization

DataOps team implementation, Algorithm optimization, Cloud optimization, DevOps service desk, CloudOps tools implementation. Optimized data storage.

Provision and BI

Implementation of data visualization tools, Business Intelligence, support in defining KPIs, BI project management, analysis and expertise on several BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, etc.).

They are part of the team

Our team is made up of experts driven by the desire to innovate by always remaining at the cutting edge of technology. They are active members of the local and international data communities.
Steve TOYA
Data Engineer

Data is not a barrier or another initiative to add to your list of issues to address. They help teams act smarter and more efficiently. The data itself is not complex, but knowing how to use it can be a challenge.

Steve TOYA


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