Today, every company needs to define a digital defense and resilience strategy.

We help you integrate security through training and awareness of your teams, but also through the intervention of our cybersecurity experts.

Help you integrate cybersecurity best practices into your organization with our personalized support

Security strategy and transformation

We support you in the audit of your company’s cybersecurity maturity, in the implementation of a strategy and in the management of the transformation program.

Services: our experts measure, improve or create your security program and support you in setting up governance.

Cyber defense

Our experts identify and analyze threats, create manual and automated tests (pentests) and deliver a detailed report.

Services: we simulate a cyber-attack against your computer systems to detect exploitable security flaws.

Cyber education

Our Infosec and SSDLC training programs for your employees and technical experts help you to limit the risks related to the human factor in the long term.


  • SSDLC training: we train your developers in the best practices to defend against cyber-attacks.
  • InfoSec awareness program: we educate your employees on cybersecurity.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

We help you maintain or make your services compliant with regulatory requirements (PCI-DSS, SOC2, etc.), we create risk management plans.

Service: Our experts intervene from the structuring of the organization to the certification pre-audit in order to align your company’s objectives with the regulatory requirements.

They are part of the team

Our team is passionate about innovation and our experts are active members of the cybersecurity community. This way we ensure that we are always up to date on the latest practices.

We meet on Mondays and Fridays to share our knowledge between ethical hackers and to participate in the creation of cybersecurity scripts in open-source communities.

Information Security Consultant
Jean GAO
Operational Security Advisor
Senior cybersecurity consultant

A homogeneous group of enthusiastic and motivated experts in the field, putting their skills and experience at the service of their clients’ requirements. I am happy to lead cybersecurity projects and to work with a team that shares the same values and passions as me.

Zakaria BENYAMED, Senior cybersecurity consultant


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