Customer Experience

The success of your products and services depends on your knowledge of the users. Our primary objective is to help you better understand them in order to create innovative products or services and/or improve existing ones with your teams.


Our UX experts adapt their methodologies to your context, your needs, your objectives, and rely on approaches such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint or Lean UX.

Better understand your users and help you design the right digital experiences

User search

As an essential step in the design cycle, we help you to better understand your end-users, detect their needs and identify opportunities for your products and services. For this we rely on different methods such as:

– Interviews and workshops

– Observations in context

– Multi-channel mapping

– Definition of personae

Exploration of the problem

We help you get to know your end-users, detect their needs and identify opportunities for your products and services.

Conception UX/UI

Once the needs of your users are identified, our UX/UI experts work with you to create your product or service, create the visual experience, and ensure that your brand image is respected. We help you to:

– define the information architecture,

– build user paths and model them,

– make your prototype interactive,

– customize your product through graphic design (UI design),

– Design and maintain your digital ecosystem by implementing a System Design.

UX Evaluation

Verify and measure the utility, usability and desirability of your product or service. We can help you detect potential errors and identify the factors that impact the experience of your users, for this we rely on:

– UX audit,

– user testing,

– UX evaluation curves,

– UX scales.

UX strategy and design maturity

Do you need to define your human-centered strategy for your products and services, and/or be supported in the deployment of design within your organization?

We hold a role of advice and coaching, we can accompany you on subjects like:

– a design maturity audit,

– creating a vision of the experience,

– a blueprint service,

– set up and/or structure your design team,

– design education


They are part of the team

We have a common desire in the UX team: to create a positive impact through the user experience. Our experts all have different experiences and expertise, passionate about innovation, technology, and digital accessibility for all. We are convinced that this diversity allows us to grow professionally and humanly on a daily basis.

Gregory MERAT
UX Designer
UX Designer
UX/UI Designer
UX Designer and researcher

UX/UI Team Manager

At maltem, I find all the ingredients for my professional fulfillment: listening to and exchanging with the UX community, the accessibility of my management, the freedom to work on and develop subjects that are important to me and on which I can learn, and not forgetting a good dose of laughter and complicity.


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