Working in Montreal: 10 reasons why you should come move here!
Have you ever thought of pursuing your career in an international metropolis? Do you want to live and work in a dynamic, multicultural city? Montreal is certainly the perfect destination for you! ✨ With its European charm and typical North American dynamism, Montreal is a popular city for professionals looking for new opportunities. In this article, Issam presents the 10 must-have reasons that will make you want to work and live in Canada, just like he did.
Published on 13.07.2023
Working in Montreal: 10 good reasons why you should come move here!

1. A strong community spirit

Here in Montreal, collaboration takes precedence over individualism. When I moved in, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique community spirit that prevails in the city. Canadians, and Montrealers in particular, are known for their openness and willingness to help others. I was welcomed with open arms and quickly felt part of the friendly local population. An example? I still remember one time when I was looking for a chemist’s: a nice lady working in a café decided to walk a little way with me so I wouldn’t get lost!

2. A jewel of creativity

Montreal is a veritable hotbed of creativity. Visual arts, music, theater, cinema, festivals… The city boasts a thriving arts scene that inspires and nurtures the creative spirits of its residents. This effervescence is a real source of daily inspiration. The street itself is a medium for art: every year, for example, Montreal welcomes graffiti artists to remake its streets with colorful frescoes during the Mural festival. As I write these lines, the International Jazz Festival is also echoing through the streets of downtown. Is it any coincidence that, since moving here, I’ve taken up guitar lessons with a work colleague who’s become an improvised teacher? And yet, I can assure you that I’ve never been interested before… I had come a long way! And that could very well be your case too 😉.

3. Inspiring neighborhoods

Montreal’s neighborhoods have their own personality and distinct atmosphere: like villages within the city. For my part, I chose to move to downtown Montreal, which is a very lively, English-speaking area. Many of my friends live far from the condos in the business district, on the Plateau Mont-Royal, which is known as the home of many French-speaking expatriates. Other trendy neighborhoods include the hipster Mile End, and Little Italy, a convivial gourmet paradise. The trendy cafés and coworking spaces that litter the city make these places stimulating environments, peaceful yet lively, conducive to personal and professional fulfillment. For example, Café Olimpico is, in my opinion, a Mile End landmark where you can enjoy a delicious coffee while soaking up the place’s characteristic conviviality.

4. An explosion of flavours

Montreal’s gastronomic scene is a true celebration of culinary diversity: no, we don’t just eat poutine here! The Since moving to Montreal, I’ve had the opportunity to sample a multitude of flavors and cuisines from around the world. From small Quebec family restaurants to renowned gourmet addresses, every meal is a culinary adventure. In my favourites? I recommend the Khaima restaurant, whose cuisine is a fusion of Saharan and Mauritanian. It also allows you to bring your own wine to the table, thanks to its “BYO” (“Bring Your Own”) format . I also recommend India Rosa, whose brunch and cocktails are very good. But this subject will probably be the subject of another article written by our favorite Maltemian “foodie ” Caroline – I’ll say no more!

5. Unforgettable events

Working in Montreal and enriching your network can also be achieved through extra-professional activities (yes, the networkingThat’s how it works here!) The range of possibilities is more than varied. Among Montreal’s most famous events? The Francofoliesthe festival Just for fun, the Formula 1 Grand Prix… These events not only allowed me to enjoy world-class shows, but also to meet industry experts and expand my professional network in an informal, and rather unexpected, way! It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun and take advantage of interesting advantage of.

6. A rich multicultural environment

Thanks to Montreal’s cultural diversity, you’ll have the chance to meet people from all over the world who can share their own vision of work… and life! Living in an environment where different cultures rub shoulders on a daily basis enriches your understanding of the world and strengthens your ability to work with teams from all over the world. “all good for your CV and your career! Personally, these encounters have opened my mind and opened up new perspectives. At maltem canada, we count 16 different 16 among our employees, out of more than 65 collaborators! Imagine this diversity on a grand scale in Montreal!

View of Montreal from Kondiaronk Lookout

7. Easier access to nature and sporting activities

Despite its very urban character, Montreal offers direct proximity to nature and the sporting activities that go with it. The city is home to magnificent green spaces such as Mount Royal Park and the Botanical Gardens, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. After a day’s work in Montreal, you’ll soon find it pleasant (essential?) to go for a walk, a bike ride (the city is criss-crossed with bike paths as wide as the roadway for cars!), or simply to relax and admire the panoramic view over the city – from Saint Joseph’s Oratory, for example. The greater Montreal region is also surrounded by superb natural landscapes, such as Mont-Tremblant and the Gaspé Peninsula, where you can take a weekend getaway to discover breathtaking scenery and engage in activities as unusual as they are enjoyable. There’s ice skating and snow tubing in winter, and canoeing, kayaking, trail running and canyoning in summer, with direct access from the town!

8. Strong government support for innovation

A key factor when considering a new location is the importance the local government places on business development and innovation. In the case of Quebec, support programs exist (e.g. tax incentives for innovative companies), providing an environment conducive to business growth, particularly technological, and entrepreneurship. And that’s not all: whether through specialist conferences or exciting “hackathons”, many professional events offer unique learning opportunities to stay at the cutting edge of your field. Meetup communities of expertisewill be your ally in this!

9. Thriving career opportunities

Montréal is a true technology hub, attracting industry giants and promising start-ups alike. Especially if you work in information technology (IT) in Montreal, you’ll have access to a wide range of professional opportunities. Indeed, the demand for qualified professionals in fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, development and virtual reality is constantly growing. As a recruiter, I’m fortunate to be able to help you find work in Montreal in this booming sector. Don’t hesitate towriting to me directly via LinkedIn to tell me about your project: I’ll be happy to give you a helping hand to find a job 😉.

10. maltem canada is based in Montreal!

In a nutshell, living and working in Montreal offers a stimulating multicultural environment, great professional opportunities and an exceptional quality of life . The personal examples I’ve shared illustrate the unique advantages of this dynamic, cosmopolitan city. For all these reasons and many more, my company maltem canada chose to set up in Montreal, right in the heart of the Mile-End district (remember? I told you about it in point number 3!). Just like Montreal, maltem canada is a dynamic company, a great place to live, work and grow. When I arrived in this new country, I didn’t know a soul, but thanks to the open-mindedness and support of maltem canada’s employees, I quickly felt at ease and well surrounded. More than a state of mind, it’s our #culturedentreprise! And as a proudly multicultural organization, we value the cultural diversity of our team’s talents, recruiting skilled workers from all over the world! That’s why, if you’re thinking of moving to Montreal to work in IT, we ‘d like to hear from you 😌. ➡️ Don’t hesitate any longer: come and take up your new professional challenge with Maltemians in Canada! Issam

Issam, 28, is a recruitment professional. After living in France, Portugal and Luxembourg, he has decided to settle in Canada in 2021. Upon his arrival, Issam took up his position at maltem canada as Talent Acquisition Manager. Passionate about his work and in love with life in Montreal, he shares his experience and perspective on this vibrant city!

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